Video Group Training

A desperate need exists in the church today for a return to the biblical truth of spiritual parenting.  Without spiritual parenting, believers are left fatherless and disconnected.  These materials cover how loving, seasoned spiritual fathers and mothers help spiritual children reach their full potential in Christ.  Be challenged to both have and become a spiritual parent.

For leadership training, retreats, or small groups.  Teaching by Larry Kreider with practical illustrations.  Includes discussion questions and personal application.  The 6 topics may be used for 6 or 12 sessions.

Set includes a Leader’s Guide, 6 Participant Manuals, 3 Videos, and a copy of the book The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.

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Spiritual Parenting Topics

  • The Restoration of Spiritual Fathering and Mothering
  • Hindrances to Spiritual Parenting
  • What Does a Spiritual Father or Mother Look Like?
  • How Does Spiritual Parenting Work Practically?
  • Fathering Within Your Sphere of Influence
  • Is God Calling You to become a Spiritual Parent?

Additional Spiritual Parenting Manuals and The Cry for Spiritual Mothers and Fathers books can be purchased separately.