An extreme makeover for your prayer life

Unlocking twelve unique rooms found in the Lord’s Prayer

Christians often struggle with their prayer lives more than anything else. With the unique “house plan” developed in this book, each room corresponding to a part of the Lord’s Prayer, your prayer life is destined to go from duty to joy! Includes a helpful daily prayer guide to use each day.

I have always believed in prayer, but for much of my life I found prayer to be hard work. During the past few years the Lord has done a deep work in my prayer life. He gave me a fresh revelation of prayer, modeled after the pattern of Jesus when his disciples asked him to teach them to pray. I have discovered that most Christians really do want to pray, but they do not know how. The tools in this book can help believers learn to pray effectively. —Author Larry Kreider

Small group study lessons included!

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I believe this book will infect you with the same passion for prayer that burns inside Larry Kreider. I am grateful that God has raised up Larry to stoke the fires of revival in the American church.J. Lee Grady, Editor, Charisma Magazine

What a perfect devotional tool! Jesus had it right, as does Larry. You could have called it A Guide to Personal Prayer for Dummies. It is a complete guide to personal prayer!Francis Anfuso, Senior Pastor, The Rock of Roseville, California

With vulnerability, discernment, practicality, and powerful insight, Larry calls us to remember the core value of the practice of prayer.Robert Stearns, Eagles Wings’ Ministries, New York

This book fills a desperately needed focus on our prayer life!Dr. Ralph Neighbour, Touch Ministries, Texas

It is a trustworthy guide. The section on “Your Kingdom Come” itself is worth the price of the book. —Daniel Juster, Tikkum International, Israel

Larry helps us follow the blueprint given by the architect, Jesus. I want to read this inspirational tool again. —Keith Yoder, Teaching the Word Ministries, Pennsylvania