Discovering breakthroughs for today’s marriage challenges 

With raw honesty, four couples tackle issues of spiritual, emotional, and sexual intimacy along with many other marital stresses. The authors reveal marriage lessons learned through years of experience and from counseling others. Join the battle cry for healthy marriages in this generation.

Biblically-based insights will inspire spouses to face issues, communicate honestly, find life-changing strategies and—most of all—love the One who gave them the gift of each other.

Battle Cry for Your Marriage is part of the series The Time Is Now!  Experience a healthy marriage—The Time is Now!

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Books in this series are designed to be used in these ways:
Personal study Read from start to finish and receive personal revelation. Learn spiritual truths to help yourself and others.

  • Each reading includes questions for personal reflection and room to journal at the end of the book.
  • Each chapter has a key verse to memorize.

Daily devotional Eight weeks of daily readings with corresponding questions for personal reflection and journaling.

  • Each chapter is divided into seven sections for weekly use.
  • Each day includes reflection questions and space to journal.

Mentoring relationship Questions can be answered and life applications discussed when this book is used as a one-on-one discipling/mentoring tool.

  • A spiritual mentor can easily take a person they are mentoring through these short Bible study lessons and use the reflection questions for dialogue about what is learned.
  • Study each day’s entry or an entire chapter at a time.

Small group study Study in a small group setting, a class, or Bible study group.

  • The teacher teaches the material using the outline provided at the end of the book. Everyone in the group reads the chapter and discusses the questions together.

The Time Is Now! Series 

Encountering the Supernatural
Discover God’s amazing presence and power for your life
Battle Cry for Your Marriage
Discovering breakthroughs for today’s challenges 
Straight Talk to Leaders
What we wish we had known when we started
When God Seems Silent
Discovering His purposes in times of confusion and darkness