24 Voices Reflecting on Missions Today

Understand the diversity of missions today and how we can all participate This book shows the breadth and diversity of God’s mission to the world today, coming from people of five nationalities who have lived in twenty nations. This compilation of articles helps us understand many facets of missions, such as missions and children, women, reconciliation, social justice, special needs, prayer, culture, the use of technology, and business as mission, to name but a few of the subjects in this book.

Coming from the lived experiences of so many, these thirty-one articles can be used as daily readings for one month, or as readings to stimulate discussion in small groups. The authors’ hope is that they will inspire prayer for missions and missionaries, as well as help readers find their place in God’s mission to all peoples today.

Evolving Missions is a fine tool for motivation. I can see it serving as a starter for good discussions about the constellation of factors in missions.” – Keith Yoder, Founder, Teaching the Word Ministries

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Articles and Authors

  • Can Evangelism and Social Justice Get Along? by Justin Shrum
  • God Heals, Not the Missionary by Dave Smith
  • Missions Ain’t What it Used to Be by Peter Bunton
  • From Heaven to Earth by Diane Omondi
  • Missionary Communication: Cultural Awareness and Humility by Hillary Vargas


  • The God Who Speaks Every Language: The Ongoing Need for Bible Translation by Katrina
  • Missions: Women in Partnership with Women by Nancy Shirk
  • The Challenges and Benefits of Being a Missionary Kid by W, in a creative access nation
  • Paying the Price of Cross-Cultural Missions by Ibrahim Omondi
  • A Bridge for the Gospel: Starting Small Businesses by Dirk Develing


  • Open Heart, Open Home by Nancy Leatherman
  • Medical Missions: From Dispensing Expertise to Collaborative Partnership by Dr. T. Scott Jackson, M.D.
  • Meeting Jesus through a Social Media Ad: Using Today’s Technologies by R & M, in a creative access nation
  • Chopsticks vs. Forks by Wes Dudley
  • Children as Missionaries by Josie Wilson


  • Youth Missions: Coming Back Changed by Stephanie Sauder
  • The Unexpected Rewards of Lovingly Serving Others by Lynn Ironside
  • Teachers as Students: Education in a Cross-Cultural Setting by Gene Stevenson
  • Giving What We Cannot Keep to Gain What We Cannot Lose by Nancy Barnett
  • Wide-Eyed Wonder and Raw Humanity: God’s Love for Those with Special Needs by Elizabeth Vanderhorst


  • Reaching Unchurched Youth in South Africa by Joel Smucker
  • A Mission of Making Peace in a Conflict-Ridden World by Kellie Swope
  • Missions: Fulfilling the Father’s Dreams and Desires by Bill Landis
  • Rest: A Key to Fulfilling the Great Commission by Shannon Graybill
    And more!

Compiled by Peter Bunton and Hillary Vargas

DOVE Mission International (DMI) sends people to the nations both to proclaim and demonstrate the love of Christ for all peoples. The compilers of this book are DMI’s director, Peter Bunton, and assistant to the director, Hillary Vargas. Learn more about DMI

Comment from a reader

“I have never read anything so practical, encompassing, and strategically wise on the subject of current missions. Each chapter was enlightening. I found myself wanting to meet each of the people who wrote them.”