An inspirational guide to fasting

Are you hungry for more of God? Do you want to hear His voice more clearly? Do you long for more of His power? Fasting will make a dramatic difference in your life. In Hungry for God, Brian Sauder shares the invitation he received from the Lord and the revelations he gained about Christians who fast. The benefits are many. Closeness to the Lord. Direction. Breakthrough. New opportunities. A supernatural life. All of these are not just theory; they are realities experienced by those who choose a lifestyle of fasting.

Be inspired by the stories of Christians just like you who have fasted, with amazing results. Learn about the biblical call to fasting and the practical steps to achieve your targets in fasting. Discover common mistakes and why some Christians never break through to the “good part” of fasting. You will learn how to strengthen your prayer life and how fasting itself becomes a wordless prayer.

Hungry for God is an important read for those who want to take their next step in Christ. This book will change your life!

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