By providing case studies of Christian organizations and networks which have recently undergone succession, and drawing upon perspectives from leadership theory, psychology, organizational development, and theology, this work shows multiple overlapping aspects of succession.

These facets include plans, processes, gender implications, theologies of leadership successor origins, relationship between outgoing and incoming leaders, selection methods, and organizational beliefs manifested in succession ceremonies. An analysis of the various successions studied reveals the need for the organization or network to reflect on its own understandings and theologies of leadership; without so doing, organizational succession could be impaired. While exploring the complexities of leadership succession, particularly founder succession, this book provides clear lessons and guidance for those navigating such transitions in leadership.

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Succeeding at Succession does an exceptional job explaining the processes which global Christian movements go through when transferring leadership from the founder to a successor. Peter explains the theoretical and theological influences on the construction and enactment of these processes. As the founder of a movement who is presently taking such steps toward succession, I found this book extremely helpful. I highly recommend it to you!”
—LARRY KREIDER, founder and international director, DOVE International

“As Peter Bunton indicates, it is surprising that despite the prevalence of succession in Christian organizations, there exist relatively few academic works that have explored the topic. In particular, there are almost none that do so in the interdisciplinary and academically rigorous manner in which this book is written. Bunton seamlessly weaves together empirical findings, sociological analysis, and theological reflection to generate a set of findings that will prove beneficial to anyone engaged either in a succession or interested in succession research. I highly commend this work.”
—JUSTIN THACKER, dean of studies, St. Hild College

“Most Christian organizations have been extraordinarily pragmatic, to the point of giving little thought to leadership succession until such decisions are forced upon them. Until Peter Bunton wrote this extraordinary volume, no one had gathered the practical wisdom, theoretical considerations, and essential theological foundations for such decisions. This is now the definitive resource for scholars and practitioners alike.”
—TONY BLAIR, president and professor of leadership studies, Evangelical Seminary

“This is a landmark piece of work, addressing an issue that until now has only been addressed in a small handful of articles: the vital and fascinating topic of founder succession in Christian organizations. This book, through its fascinating case studies, helps us to get inside these dynamics and understand how an organization can survive and thrive through this make-or-break moment in its history.”
—BEN PUGH, postgraduate research program lead, Cliff College