Here are some things you’ll need to realize your book in print.

Partnership Publications SmInside your book

Details about your manuscript as well as other details to make your book complete:

Manuscript Are you ready to part with your material? You should be satisfied with what you have written before we receive the text. Are you happy with the chapter titles as well as subtitles? We can help you, but it will save cost as well as time if these things are completed before you send your book to us.

Receive input As you complete your work, it is very helpful to have a variety of individuals read your manuscript and give feedback—those with a clear understanding of grammar and sentence structure and a good grasp of what your manuscript focuses on. (A book about business principles can be read by another businessman.) It is always good to have a book that comes from a Christian perspective to be read by someone who can weigh the text theologically.

Another idea is to ask a few individuals for which your book is written to read through it and then dialog with them to see if there are any needed improvements.

Foreword Is there someone who could write a short foreword for your manuscript? Again, the more people who will recognize this person’s name, the better.

Contact information page In the back of your book you may list ways your readers may contact you. Possibilities are your website, email address and a business address and phone number. (Personal phone numbers and addresses are not recommended.)

Book cover

To help us create your cover, you’ll need to provide:

  1. Short biography about 30 to 70 words that briefly describe who you are. You may include a longer bio on your contact page.
  2. Photo A small photo of yourself will be used alongside your biography on the back cover.
  3. Endorsements You’ll have the opportunity to put some recommendations on the back cover. Two or three business or ministry associates may be willing to give you a few sentences. The more well-known they are, the better!
  4. Text for your back cover  Here are some questions to get you started: Why should I read your book? How will it help me? How will it make my life better?

The importance of prayer

Consider inviting a few prayer partners to join with you in praying over your book project throughout the various stages. Keep your prayer team posted at each part of the project. You can rejoice together when you see the book completed and in your hands.

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