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In New Testament Baptisms, we look at another of the six foundational doctrines of the Christian faith found in Hebrews 6:1-2—the doctrine of baptisms. This series covers four baptisms, including baptism in water (a sign of cleansing and remission of sin), baptism into the body of Christ (the Holy Spirit supernaturally places us into the “body” or “the family of God”), baptism of fire (facing suffering in our lives and persevering), and the baptism in the Holy Spirit (a new dimension of the Holy Spirit’s power).

  • Video 1 – Baptism in Water
  • Video 2 – More Baptisms
  • Video 3 – Baptism in the Holy Spirt – Part 1
  • Video 4 – Baptism in the Holy Spirt – Part 2

If you or your small group are looking to learn more about New Testament Baptisms and build a solid foundation on this Biblical truth, then this series is for you.


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