Video series presented by
Larry Kreider, Ron Myer, Steve Prokopchak, and Brian Sauder

Joining them in sharing are Craig and Tracie Nanna, Doug Lehman,
Erin Herndon, and Merle and Cheree Shenk

Healthy leadership teams produce healthy churches! This material can help you strengthen your team. Included in this series are the New Testament leadership principles to train elders to provide protection, direction, and correction in the local church.

Twelve sessions taught by the four authors of the book: Larry Kreider, Ron Myer, Steve Prokopchak, and Brian Sauder! This training can be used for retreats or during regularly scheduled meetings.

The complete set includes a copy of The Biblical Role of Elders book, four DVDs, and six student manuals.

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Includes twelve topics:

  • Session 1:  The Need for Biblical Leadership
  • Session 2:  Qualifications for Eldership
  • Session 3:  Responsibilities of Elders
  • Session 4:  Fields of Ministry & New Testament Decision-making
  • Session 5:  The Process of Choosing Elders
  • Session 6:  Working together as a Team
  • Session 7:   Apostles, Elders, the Five-fold ministry & Deacons
  • Session 8:  How Elders Stay Healthy
  • Session 9:  Building Trust
  • Session 10: The Elder as a Spiritual Father or Mother
  • Session 11: Resolving Conflict & the Process of Discipline & Restoration
  • Session 12: Passing the Eldership Tests

Additional Elders Training Manuals and The Biblical Role of Elders books can be purchased separately.