Larry Kreider

Larry Kreider

Larry has spent the past four decades training leaders and travels extensively teaching practical discipleship to leaders globally. Larry serves as the international director of DOVE International, a worldwide network of over 1,000 churches in 26 nations. Larry has written more than 40 books and hosts a weekly leadership podcast. Catch up on Larry’s blog.

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  • In What is the Church? we will see the importance of being a part of a spiritual family united under Christ. This spiritual family gives us a place to grow and learn from other believers how to live our Christian lives. We need this input from spiritual leaders and fellow believers. We need one another. We are not supposed to live the Christian life alone. God’s will is for every believer to be connected to a local church where he can be trained, protected, and available to serve others.
    • Video 1 - The Importance of the Local Church
    • Video 2 - Spiritual Family Relationships
    • Video 3 - Who Is Watching Out For You?
    • Video 4 - Our Commitment to the Local Church
    If you or your small group are looking to learn more about What is the Church? and build a solid foundation on this Biblical truth, then this series is for you.


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